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I had some sort of weird problem when leaving the manual at the beginning, before intending to start the game: it dropped me at this screen with no buttons and I couldn't figure out a way out of it:

EDIT: Are there going to be any updates to this game? I found, like, 5 typos that I could submit.

EDIT #2: It'd be really nice if character stats could be permanently displayed in a separate column along the right side, instead of being a menu button, so we can see, for example, how much damage the ship has taken instead of having to memorize or go back to check it, etc.

Hey, I tried this game out - and it won't boot on windows 7! No response when launching executable. Any help/logs I should look for?

Same here on Windows 10. It just won't run. 


I like the Fallen London/Sunless Sea style gameplay. A good job of applying it to an Out There type of exploration.
Will play this some more.


I played this for a good while and man I gotta say I love it. The feeling of alarm I got when my favorite crewmember got upset was very real 

I haven't explored all the endings/possibilities yet, but I'm definitely going to try!! I really really love this :D 


I just landed on a planet named Hymen and I don't really know how to react to that name. Very fun game!

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Hello, Just installed this game and was keen to give it a go but I have some strange visual problem with the (approx) left half of the screen. It goes sort of blurred, when I restart it sometimes its ok and I'm able to read the text for a few seconds then it fades to blurry again. If I wiggle my mouse pointer over the text (up & down) fast I can get persistance of vision to be able to read it, but this makes it very difficult to play.

Any suggestions for a fix, I tried changing resolutions & took it out of fullscreen mode but to no effect ?

I'm playing on windows 10, native resolution is 1920-1080  gtx 780 (i think it is)

P.s. I also closed it down and tried restarting it (and starting a new game as I'd only advanced 2 pages).

Can you share a screenshot so I can get a better idea of what it looks like?

Not Catalina compatible… 🥺

Is a 64-bit build possible?


I don't know when I'll have time to update the game (it came out a while ago, so I'm not actively developing it; it'd take a bit of time even to make a simple change like fixing a typo) but when/if I do I'll definitely look into Catalina compatibility and post here to let you know.

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Found a typo on one of the "On Descent Devices" story dialogs:

<space for spoilery>









When downloading the game through the Racial Justice bundle, the file seems to keep disappearing after download. It's there for a second, but when I try to extract it, it vanishes and my computer says it can't find the file anymore. Has anyone else had this problem?

What OS are you trying to run the game on? This sounds like an issue with your device.

Windows 10.


Antivirus maybe? Putting it in quarantine immediately because it detects some false positive?

That would be my guess as well


Was this inspired by Sunless Skies? Just looking at the description, it sounds similar.

Why is this game in the Accessibility: Blind Friendly category?


Hi; I know the mobile versions (when they were available) worked with screen readers, and I believe the PC version was also tested with them. If you're having trouble playing the game with a screen reader, let me know. I may not be able to supply a fix but I definitely don't want it in that category if folks are having problems.


Mini Review:

A space exploration and trading game with a nice atmosphere, perfect to play in short sessions. It’s a very relaxed experience, despite the fact that you know your trip is one way – it’s all about what you see along the way. Chart your way through each zone, choosing areas you think will want your trade goods, or whose descriptions sound interesting. Once you land, you might trade your wine for an interesting sculpture, collect samples to help someone’s research, or recruit crew members to help you travel. It’s a lovely game to dip into space, take in a few planets at a time with some lovely ambient music, and come out refreshed.


Which development system was used to write and develop this game?

Great game! One question: Does it have a definitive end?


Kind of; some endings are more final than others, but you'll always get to roll forward into another new game+ after each one.

thanks for the answer